Nightingale Practial Hdr High Dynamic RA (9780240821221)

Nightingale Practial Hdr High Dynamic RA (9780240821221)

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Practical HDR: A complete guide to creating High Dynamic Range images with your Digital SLR, 2nd Edition HDR is both a technical solution to the limitations of digital camera sensors, and a creative tool that can give any image much more impact - but it is not without its pitfalls, and it's essential to understand these if you want to take full advantage of this innovative technique. The second ed ... Voir plus tion of David Nightingale's successful Practical HDR is completely updated with the latest techniques and technologies in HDR. Practical HDR provides you with an abundance of step-by-step examples that will quickly make you an expert on the theory and practice of shooting and processing HDR images, allowing you to get the best possible results every time. As well as practical advice on shooting and processing, the book also contains a global showcase of inspirational HDR images - you will quickly find that HDR offers unparralleled opportunities for indulging your creative instincts, from photo-realistic to hyper-realism. By David Nightingale 176 pages Publication Date: December 2011 Nightingale Practial Hdr High Dynamic RA ... Voir moins

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