Rancilio Classe 9 S2 (COM-RAN-C9-S2)

Rancilio Classe 9 S2 (COM-RAN-C9-S2)

Constructeur: Rancilio

Prix : 11 880,00 $

Catégorie: Espresso Machines

Rancilio has been catering to coffee lovers since 1927. Their persistent dedication to the performance and quality has earned them a status for producing some of the worlds best home and commercial espresso machines and coffee grinders.Classe 9 is a perfect combination of stylish design and technological excellence. This product has been created using Rancilio LABs most innovative technology, and ... Voir plus as set a new benchmark for style.The result of this commitment to design is a machine with extreme functional elegance.The advanced version is equipped with USB technology for fast, precise management of the main machine settings. For simplified use, the semi-automatic 9 S version is also available, ensuring superb performance and top quality espresso. The range is completed by the TALL version, for beverages served in large cups/glasses. ... Voir moins

  • iDrinkCoffee.com Expédition Gratuite
    11 880,00 $

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